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W: 13cm (5.1")H: 30cm (11.8")

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This brazier lamp is constructed from highly polished steel and patterned with a variety of acid-etched designs and patterns, within which the flame is reflected back and forth to fill the whole lamp with fire. 

This Square Brazier is about a foot in height (30cm) and about 13cm in width and depth. The flickering firelight bounces around the polished interior and gives the impression of a shimmering sea of fire. These make great table lamps in any room - nice little night-light too. They have the multiple flame properties produced by the two reflective panels at the back and the 'infinity mirror' effect of the reflections bouncing around the inside, but the shape of the Square Braziers is much better looking with their four symmetrical sides

The SquareVine Brazier - It's a jungle scene, with dangling vines and tendrils. 

Spare Bulbs available on request at £1.99 each.