Silk Flame Lamp

Silk Flame Lamp

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H: 12.5cm (4.9")Di: 12.5cm (4.9")

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The Fire Lamp

The basic flame light - useful on its own if you just want a flame without an external housing, such as in an unused fireplace.  It has an all but silent fan - barely a whisper!

The Fire Lamp comes with a special red/amber bulb which shines red upwards and then goes into amber and yellow at wider angles. This gives a variation in colour and shade to the flame, rather than having a single, flat colour.

Plug in only.  It is perfect for bringing unused fireplaces to life.

The Fire Lamp uses a combination of a saffron-coloured flame and a multi-coloured bulb to provide a faithful representation of the spectrum of firelight colours.  The filter on the bulb absorbs the shorter wavelengths of light (such as blue, indigo and violet) and transmits the longer wavelengths associated with fire (such as red, orange and yellow) and this not only gives the flame a multi-colouration but also allows flickering firelight colours to fall on adjacent walls and ceilings.

The Fire Lamp flame is a twin flame and has two pieces of flame-shaped silk joined together around an oval-shaped band and brings its shape into something akin to a very floppy bishop’s mitre which fits right around the bulb, rather than being suspended above it. This makes it 3-dimensional, much more incandescent (The light has to shine through the fabric, not merely reflecting off its surface).


Flame: 13cm

Base Diameter: 12.5cm

Base Height: 12.5cm

Transformer is included with this item