Flat Forest Fireplace

Flat Forest Fireplace

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W: 26cm (10.2")H: 30cm (11.8")D: 12cm (4.7")

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The Fireplace flame lights are constructed from highly polished steel and are patterned on the front face with a variety of acid-etched designs and shapes, behind which the flame is reflected from the curved rear surface and expanded to fill the whole width of the lamp. The result is not just a flame effect but an extraordinarily beautiful fire effect.

The Fireplace flame lights are lovely lamps in themselves and cracking stuff anywhere in the home, but they are also absolutely awesome in a fireplace . They produce a single wide fire effect such as you'd expect from a wood fire. The flat-fronted Fireplace flame lights lend themselves perfectly for use in fireplaces — they're about 10 inches wide, a foot high and 5 inches deep and the effect is awesome in this setting. For those of you who are wanting to fill a lonely hearth with clean, safe and inexpensive fire, these are just the ticket.

Spare Bulbs available on request at £1.99 each.