Handwriting Books

Handwriting Books

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2 to choose from: - Learn To Print & Learn Cursive

These fun workbooks can help younger kids teach themselves how to print or help them refine the writing skills they already have. These books includes:
• Pages of capital and lowercase letters;
• Follow-the-arrow diagrams that show children how to make the letters;
• Words to copy that begin with all the letters of the alphabet;
• Sentences to copy;
• Guides for writing the names of months, the days of the week, and numbers from 1 to 10;
• A place for the child to print his or her name;
• Appealing full-colour pictures;
• With its helpful diagrams, plenty of space to work, and simple exercises, this book is the perfect companion for beginning writers;
• 96 perforated and reproducible pages.

Studies have shown handwriting is an excellent way to activate different parts of the brain. Handwriting helps children develop fine motor skills. Writing things down helps them retain more information.

Fewer and fewer schools are teaching cursive these days and parents are looking for resources like this for their children. Many kids, too, want to write like their parents and grandparents. This book will help!