Code: 11313


W: 7.5cm (3")

Fragrance *

A Variety of Emoties Air Fresheners

5 to choose from.  Each is a different Emotie and Fragrance.

  • Angry - Raspberry
  • Sunny - with sunglasses and smiles -Peach
  • Heart Eyes and a Smile - Cherry
  • Closed Eyes and smiley face - Vanilla
  • A Wink with tongue sticking out - Lemon

They are circular 7.5cm across, size is approximate.

These hanging air fresheners provide a long lasting aroma for any environment.

They are made from card and are great for use in the car, office, home, bathroom or gym locker.

Each air freshener comes packaged in a card backed cellophane pack.

(Colours may be slightly different from picture due to photo and lighting)