Chalk Magic Liquid Chalk

Chalk Magic Liquid Chalk

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Write on, wipe off!   Liquid chalk markers are fun and easy to use at home, school, and work!

Chalk Magic Set comes with 9 super - bright colours -- black, white, red, orange, yellow, sky blue, purple, hot pink, lime green -- each with a chisel point.

Great for writing on and decorating windows and mirrors, non-porous chalkboards, and business signs.

To use: Shake marker well with cap on.  Remove cap and press marker tip on scrap paper to allow ink to fill tip.  Then write!

To combine colours, use one colour and let dry completely.  Apply second colour over first.  Blend colours while wet.

Clean marker tip with paper towel.  To remove marker ink, clean with water or an ammonia-based cleanser.  Recap tightly after use.  Store in package, caps up.

Chalk Magic Liquid Chalk Markers Set features:

·  Water-based pigment ink;

·  6 mm chisel points;

·  No bleed;

·  Odourless;

·  Acid-free.;

·  Xylene-free;

·  Contents: Water, resin, and pigment.